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The Pajama Party Murders

Directed by Sandra Broussard

The Pajama Party Murders is an interactive murder mystery written by Eileen Moushey. Bartholomew T. Cosmo, inventor of the very profitable Cosmo Inflatable Neck Pillow, has died, and he has bequeathed his fortune to his heirs, the Cosmo cousins On One Condition, that they stay the night in Cosmo Manor. Harvey T. Pettibone is the slick lawyer in charge of discharging the fortune. Dexter Cosmo is a would-be playboy who has been saddled with taking care of his half-brother, Eddie Cosmo, who is very troubled. Melanie Cosmo is a vampish southern girl who seems out for whatever she can get. Bertha Cosmo is a spinster who is the assistant warden at a school for wayward girls, and Myrtle Cosmo is a Canadian missionary who is not all that she seems. Complicating Pettibone's task is that multiple impostor heirs (members of the audience) have shown up, and the housekeeper, Lola, who was supposed to help him pick out the right heirs, has come up missing.

Cast List

Hostess - Christy Leichty

Attorney Harvey Pettibone - Kirby Jambon

Dexter Cosmo - Grady Elmore

Eddie Cosmo - Colin Smith

Myrtle Cosmo - Lisa LaRochelle

Bertha Cosmo - Chris Hayes

Melanie Cosmo - Stephonie Rodgers

Lola (dead girl) - Kayla Guillot

Stage Hand - Christy Leichty

Clue hunt characters - Christy Leichty, Toni Trahan

Tickets on sale

Oct 24