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Honeymoon from Hell: A Murder Mystery

Directed by Sandra Broussard

Auditions for Honeymoon from Hell: A Murder Mystery, will be held Tuesday, May 30, 6:00 - 8:00 at Wonderland. Performances will be September 7-9.

Rehearsals to begin July 31, with possible read-throughs during July. If you are unable to audition on May 30, please contact our director for additional time slots.

Auditions will be cold-reads, but if you want to review the first act of the play, go to (You are more than welcome to print the scenes you wish to audition for and bring them with you.) The show requires improv in the preshow and clue hunt.

Directed by Sandra Laborde Broussard (


3 males and 2 females. Ages may be altered but Bambi must look at least 10 years younger than Joey.


CAPTAIN GIOVANNI DE LA ROBBIA - Italian. Mid forties or older. Handsome, charming. Carefree and irresponsible, he takes nothing seriously. Also a drinker. He sings during show.


GINA TUTTIMENTO - American, of Italian descent. Forties. The Cruise Director on the


S.S. AMORE. Frazzled to the point of desperation, GINA is trying to hold the whole honeymoon cruise thing together, single-handedly.


JOEY CARMINE - Italian. Forties. JOEY gives the appearance of being with the Mob, but is actually the owner of a shoe store in New York. He's GINA'S ex


BAMBI CARMINE - American. Twenties to thirties. Very attractive and not as dumb as she appears. Wearing shorts and halter top. She does sing in the preshow. She can either be very good or horrible, as long as she’s sexy.


FREDO GAMBONI - Italian. Thirties or older. Crazy. The AMORE chef.

Host or hostess - helps pick the talent and organizes clue hunt

Four clue hunt characters-possibly famous Italian celebrities, famous couples, or characters associated with cruises. IE Gillian’s Island. 

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